Monday, May 01, 2006

Now What?

We both sit there in the living room
Pretending to watch tv
And show some interest in what happened today
Are we listening?

"Good supper, Mom" or "Good supper Dad"
As though there is a crowd in the room
We respond generously
And continue to eat

We take the "old people's" walk
Through my gardens and flowers
Through my own made meadows
And past the dogs

They look at us through their confused eyes
"Where is your youth?", they ask
And we slowly walk towards their prison
Set free only in the afternoon

We settle into bed
You with your book and me with the TV
Egyptian Mummies or Star Gate?
Or do I roll over and look for sleep?

Now what?
We did what we set out to do, right?
Now what?
It's lonely in "this ol' house".....

Go to sleep, Juniper........
I'll see you in the morning........