Saturday, June 27, 2009

Until Someday

Old photos hanging on the wall
Above the ironing board
In a room I visit each morning before work

Children dance in the fallen leaves
And stare at their shadows on a lonely Florida beach
And a father always behind the lens

Captured innocence of youth
Forever in a frame
And forever in my mind

Staring into the mirror I can see the reflections shatter
The glass shards crash to the floor
As the man that was once me is broken

Broken pieces of a life once known
Are but pieces of no hope now
And they are pieces that cannot be merged together again

I will tend my gardens
I will work my flowers
I will watch my colours fade into fall

And Until Someday there are words of promise
Words that call me back
I will join my flowers fate into fall

Saturday, June 06, 2009

When Your Heart Is Ripped Away

There are moments in life where suddenly you stand so lonely and alone
Isolated from the movement of the world
And stranded as if no one is there who cares

You try to pretend that this is only a dream
But you continue to wake up and realize that reality is what it is
And the tears begin again

You long for just a moment of memories
To shatter the fear and frustration
But the memories are only shared by one

You wander through the routines of work and living
The daily chores of keeping things as they were
But the things that were are not

They changed in one swift moment
Changed in one collection of words
And changed everything forever

I long for a life where everything is predictable
Where everything is flowers
And the scents of spring are all around

But that is but an illusion of life
An “Unreality” of the ways things must be
And the way things are

And it’s so lonely to be me