Saturday, January 27, 2007

Intro to an Evening Rain

Intro to an Evening Rain

The ring around the moon
Gives warning
That the rains are coming
And cold fills the air

We gather 'round the fire
For winter grabs hold
Deep in the valleys
And Ridges of ol'Tennessee

Aromas of cookies, pies and cakes
Fill your head.......
As your body aches for the days
Days of comfort, safety and youth

Soft cushions cover the chairs
From houses so far gone
But they linger on as your travels
Take you to the next abode

And the quilts your ancestors made
In their desperation for warmth
They wrap you oh' so warmly
As you drift off into sleep

It's January
And it's raining
In ol'Tennessee

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

3 Good-byes

We often use "Good-Bye" as a way of saying "I'll see you later"....but there are times when the "see you later" doesn't materialize.

I have had 3 Good-byes I have made.......and because of these, I rarely use the word today.

In grammar school, I became friends with a guy named Scott. As the days progressed, we became "blood-brothers" the literal sense. I can recall the day when we each cut our fingers and merged our blood....back in the woods, at the creek, in Lithonia, Georgia. It was a pact that he and I never forgot. In 7th Grade, Scott moved to Hawaii. I was devastated! But I later learned that Scott had a disease that, at the time, required his moving to a more tropical climate. I visited him during the summer, after I graduated from grammar school. I spent a month in heaven!

Many years later, when we were both college students, Scott came to visit me....on a weekend after we had both had finished exams. I said "Good-bye" to Scott, as I headed to Macon, Georgia....and he headed back to North Carolina. I never saw my dear "blood brother" again..........

Fast forward to 1978......I was standing in the driveway of my childhood home....waiting for the Navy Recruiter to pick me up. I had enlisted in the Navy for a 4 year tour. I shook hands with my Dad.....I hugged my Mom and said "Good-bye".....I was choked-up, but excited to take on my new adventure. I saw my Mom's tears....though she says she cried her last tears years ago......

Another fast forward.......I am now a grown "man", with kids in college. I learn that my brother, Mark, has a form of cancer that is so agressive that there is little hope. I arrange for my other 2 brothers, and myself, to meet with would be our last gathering. In the past, my brothers and I would annually gather in Blairsville, play guitars, eat chili, drink beer and just bullshit. We're guys, you know. This was not that kind of gathering. We talked with Mark....and walked through his own gardens....but the 3 of us knew....our Mark would not be with us much longer.

My brother was showing fatigue from our visit, so I sort-of started the long process of getting us out the door......and I made one friggin' mistake......I said "Good-bye" to my friend and brother.

I don't say Good-bye anymore......and that word is no longer in my mental dictionary.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Space in Time.....

We gather to play....and play! Weekend of February 16th, 2007!

And we do this for our fallen brother, Mark.

Fly on, Freebird........we play for you!


The Boys in the Saddles.........