Friday, November 02, 2012

My Heart Has Lost It's Way

Cold in these woods these days And cold in my comfort There is no warmth to soothe me these days So I huddle underneath these blankets One day I will find that comfort...... Again........

Strength in the Morning Sunrise

Each morning I wake up before the sun does My view allows me to look out on the morning and hope Hope for a better day than the one before Hope for sanity and peace And just hope...... These days I tend to let my music collection talk to me With the hope of finding some peace and tranquility in my life Often times all I hear are the blues from older days And the blues of those much wiser than me But there is confirmation in the lyrics That tells me I am not the first to walk down this path My path has many rocks and boulders....most of which I placed myself But I have never been afraid to climb over the boulders And sidestep the rocks Often I stumble in the effort But it is the effort that keeps me walking Walking along this path we call life

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Morning Walk in Early Spring

It is comforting to me to sometimes step outside and just look around.

No camera, no beer, no mower, no people.......just me and that first cup of coffee

I love the early mornings when the sun in not yet awake
The early birds begin their singing
The crickets are starting their chorus
And the night time hobos are looking for food

This morning was one of those........

As I watched the early morning dew drip off the multi-coloured ladies in my yard
I happened upon a sound.....the familiar sound of walking in the old, fall leaves
And there they were.......

A deer and her two my yard

The fawns were playful and danced around in the yard with no care at all.......
But the mother had a look of concern as she stared at me........
In her eyes I saw trouble, hunger and worry.......

We watched each other for several minutes....both unsure of each other

I did what I normally do with these friends.....I offered a quiet nod of my head......

And she returned the gesture

Somehow she understood I was not a threat and returned to her grazing

Her kids continued to play, without a care in the world

And Mom did the I walked away I glanced back at her

This time, she nodded to me.........

I have not had such a precious moment in years........

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A New Morning

I am finally awake from years of sleep

The bottle that once held me hostage has been destroyed

And the me I knew long ago is finally speaking to me

I so missed this voice