Monday, April 30, 2007

Use To Be My Eyes

Use To Be My Eyes

Colours have covered me in blankets of memories
From my youth to where I am today

The map I used in 1976 is now worn and tattered
The map I used in 1958 is forgotten
Roads I once used are now old and lost paths
And the trail that got me here is now faded

I found a new map in an antique store
It had my name on it and called me to the shelf

"I am here", it said

"And who are you?", I responded

"I am you and you are here"..........

The old map suddenly unfolded on that old, wooden desk
And the X was highlighted in yellow

I saw my old pathways on that map.......
And saw my new pathways beyond its margins..........

"Why do you seek me out?", I asked
"I did not call to you. You called out to me.....I only answered your call".

"These use to be your eyes, but you forgot how to see".......

"I see fine....a little blurry these days but that comes with age".

The map curled a bit a unfolded again.........

"The blurry visions you see are what you make of them. Your blinders need to be lost your ability to focus."

I pondered this for a few minutes.....why the hell am I talking to a map, in a store with few patrons. I stood at the old desk and waited.....

"You, my friend, have lost your way.....but I found you and you, reluctantly, have found me. Pick me up, pay your dollar and I'll take you to where you are intended to be...."

"And why should I trust you?"

"You should not! But you don't have a map to guide you today. What do you have to lose but a dollar?"

I grabbed the map, found my wife in the ceramics section of the store and paid for my goods.

The map has not spoken in 5 years.....but the yellow, highlighted lines move.....and they move daily.

These use to be my eyes.....and now my eyes have a tinge of yellow.....from an old, wrinkled map.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

We Remember-Virginia Tech

We Remember

Ross Abdallah Alameddine
Christopher James Bishop
Brian Roy Bluhm
Ryan Christopher Clark
Austin Michelle Cloyd
Jocelyne Couture-Nowak
Kevin P. Granata
Matthew Gregory Gwaltney
Caitlin Millar Hammaren
Jeremy Michael Herbstritt
Rachael Elizabeth Hill
Emily Jane Hilscher
Jarrett Lee Lane
Matthew Joseph La Porte
Henry J. Lee
Liviu Librescu
G.V. Loganathan
Partahi Mamora Halomoan Lumbantoruan
Lauren Ashley McCain
Daniel Patrick O'Neil
Juan Ortiz-Ortiz
Minal Hiralal Panchal
Daniel Alejandro Perez
Erin Nicole Peterson
Michael Steven Pohle, Jr.
Julia Kathleen Pryde
Mary Karen Read
Reema Joseph Samaha
Waleed Mohamed Shaalan
Leslie Geraldine Sherman
Maxine Shelly Turner
Nicole White

Sunday, April 01, 2007


There are days when I just sit and thinking required!

It's Spring in East Tennessee and the colours are as vibrant
As I can remember.....and memories are what make me what I am today......

The rains of spring have begun their march.....
Strong orchestras at times......
And soft percussions at other times........

From my solitary room, I can hear (and see) the softness of the drops,
The solitude of the emptiness of the waters
As they permeate the soils
Surrounding my self-made Gardens of Eden

A creation I claim
But surrender them to what they may become for a lifetime

Small ripples, in the washtub for the birds
Increasing rapidly as the winds rise up
Darkness whirls, as darkness does
And the clouds lower themselves over the Ridge.......

Leaves begin to shake
And the blossoms from the cherry trees
Shower the grounds
With the pink snows of the season....Heaven on Earth!

A darkness strikes deep into the soul of the Earth
Shadows fall to the departing sun for the day
And the falling rains continue.......

Purples and Blues,
And Greens and Reds
Color the landscape
And the intensity of the Greens
Absorb the abyss

It's Spring, again, in East Tennessee

Can Heaven be far behind?