Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Twirl to the Ground

It is the ever-present pressure from day-to-day living
What to rember and what to forget

Sometimes I think about those old high school days
A young "adult"...with all the answers
But what were the questions?

We wander aimlessly into true adulthood
And still the unknown questions are followed
By the true unknown answers......

Were do we go from here?

It's an odd feeling, as you meander through "middle age",
And those same ol' questions go unanswered.....
And then you approach the mid-century mark!

I recall the question from the back seat
Of a long car-ride....
"Are we there yet?"

As we twirl to the ground
Wondering if there is an answer
We ponder life.....

And then we understand........

There is now an answer

It is just the journey.........

The journey that does not end......until you finally rest.

Fare Thee Well........

Friday, November 17, 2006

Wooden Indian

Wooden Indian
Words and Music by John Denver

Now I was a red man
I was proud, I was strong
You were the white man
And you stole away my home

Now I am a wooden indian
Painted dreams inside my head
Times a where you bring me down
And make you wish that I was dead

Na na na

Now I was a red man
And my passing made no sound
You were the white man
And you drove me in the ground

Now I am a wooden indian
Standing silent in the rain
Swear with my grandfather's father
We're going to rise again

Na na na

Now I was a red man
I was proud, I was strong
You were the white man
And you stole away my home

Now I am a wooden indian
Standing silent in the rain
Swear with my grandfather's father
We're going to rise again

All My Quiet Places

All My Quiet Places

Stillness and quiet is such a rarity these days

The herds of cars and people rush on by me
To their daily destination of chaos and disorder
As I sit on a rock and watch them pass

There is no slowness in this world today
Only panic and stress formed out of our own mistakes
And I sit on a rock and watch them pass

But quiet places lay hidden in the deserts and forests
And beside rushing, snow-fed streams along mossy-green tapestries
While I lay on a rock and watch its waters pass

I cherish all my quiet places

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Early Morning Conversation in Baltimore

Early Morning Conversation in Baltimore-Waiting for a Flight

I was sitting alone in a Baltimore Airport Bar....early morning, waiting for my flight....and a young soldier walked up to my table......

"Mind if I sit here? The bar is kind of full."

"No problem, man. Have a seat. I'm just hanging out."

"I've been flying all night. Hope you don't mind if I have a beer. I know it's early but it's been a long night."

"No problem with me....I might even join you! My flight is delayed because of weather down south....just trying to get home."

"Me too", he said....but I knew with his words, there was more to this statement. This guy had not seen home for a long time. And that's all he was looking for.

"Where've you been?", I asked....knowing what the answer would be....and hoping I was wrong.

"Iraq, man. 2 years for me. I've got a kid that I saw when he was born......he's walking now.....and I've never seen that, other than the pictures my wife could sneak through."

"Wow! How do you feel about that?"

He took a sip of his beer...and paused for a minute.

"I'm a little scared, man! I mean, you know....not the kind of scared like when I was in's different, you know?"

I took my last sip of coffee.....and waited for him to continue.

"You's kind of weird. I never pictured myself as a Dad....but here I am.....and I haven't been there. I haven't been there at all. I mean....what is the kid gonna think about me?"

"I think you'll know what to do when you finally meet up with him."......I had no idea what I was saying.

"That's easy enough to say......but when I touch down in Charlotte and see my girl....and my little man.....well....what do I do?"

I ordered this guy another beer......and one for me.....I could tell this wasn't gonna be easy.

"Be yourself.......give your wife a long hug and kiss......and take that boy in your'll all come to you after that."

He paused for a minute.....took a sip of his new beer and sat there. The silence was deafening.

"You sure?"

"Man, I don't know.....never been there. I mean, I'm a veteran but I just can't relate to the hell you've been through.....and now you're coming home!"

"You're a veteran? Cool! When did you serve?"

"'78 to '82.....Navy. Iran hostage situation"

"Wow! That's before I was born! I read about that in History Class"


"Sorry, man. I mean....well you sort of understand....right?"

I couldn't lie to this was different.

"No, man. I can't."

"Oh......ok......but you can see my concerns, right?"

"Yup.....I'm a guy just like you.....and life scares the shit out of me......even though I've not been in a war."

"It ain't the war,'s my kid. Will he understand me down the road?"

I took a sip of beer and thought for a moment......and thought again.

"He just have to talk to him.....from your first day and going on...and don't forget your wife.....she's been there too!"

We took our last sips of beer.....he picked up his bag and I picked up my laptop.

"You good?", I asked.

"Yea, man....thanks for the seat....and the beer. I think I'm gonna be ok. I hope so, anyway."

"You will be....."....and I started to turn to my exit.....

"Hey man.....thanks. I don't think I could face this last flight without you letting me taking that seat."

"That seat is always waiting for a man in fear........and you'll beat that fear and find love in North Carolina."

"Peace my friend....I'll probably never see you again....but I'll never forget're ok."

"Peace to you, my go find your love......and your son."

I left for Gate new-found friend left for life.

Flo' n' Flo'

Flo' and Flo'
From clouds on high
And snows on top
Life she takes it
And forward she flows

Deposits she makes
Unlike those we humans long for
For what she passes
Is life

We watch her in wonder
And we wander with her watch
Treking along her banks
Of rocks and blossoms and life

Flo' and flo' sweet river
Flo' 'til you end
And flo' more
For all in flo' for us


Dry and dusty.

Flat and floating.

The Seeds drop from the cathedrals that surround the deep valleys.

And softly lay on the dying leaves.

The rains of November push them to their ultimate destiny.

With colours hidden and textures enclosed.