Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ultraphonic-The Boys from Stockbridge

I don't usually endorse a product (or any particular person) on my site. There's my disclaimer for which I am about to ignore.

Occasionally a band comes along that makes you turn your head and say "WOW! Who's that playing?". I have recently been exposed to a band out of Stockbridge, Georgia through my brother, who has been doing some technical work with the boys. I am impressed.

The Boys from Stockbridge are called Ultraphonic and deserve a listen. Their website is located at:

On this site you can download free MP3s for your listening pleasure....and I encourage you to do just that. This band is loaded with unique talent and their sound is something that has been missing from the stage for many years.

Give the boys your ears and listen to just a few of their original tunes as well as their remake of Neil Young's classic "Old Man" and I'm sure you'll agree that Ultraphonic is about to take off. You'll definitely return to the site for more.

Let the "Ultraphonic Revolution" begin! Posted by Picasa


Brent Wilson said...

It's Brent, the bass player for Ultraphonic. We gratefully appreciate the support you are giving Ultraphonic and its music. We are looking forward to the future as the Ultraphonic Revolution is building momentum. Rock on!

Hidden Wizard said...

Thanks, Brent! We're getting the word out in East Tennessee....and beyond....expect the unexpected.....and keep playing your great R&R!

Tim Gilbert said...

Things are really starting to happen with the band. Things happen for a reason and in it's time. Now seems to be the time for Ultraphonic. Everday something new happens that seems to tell us that this is what we should be doing right now. The music is Timeless and has something to say to anyone who will listen. We're excited about the future.

Keep On Rock'in!

Friend of His said...

Will have to check them out..I use to love N. Young. and some group that use to sing on a Navy ship. What were they called? :]

Hidden Wizard said...

That would be "Butch Cassidy and the Hole in the Wall Gang" he blushes.....