Saturday, January 21, 2006

And Then She Waltzed Away

Snow fell that day and its melting covered the roads and trees with ice
As the waltz began
With every new word a life began
She danced and sang the songs she heard around her
And she waltzed.....

The days became weeks
Weeks turned into years
With every new story a life continued
And she waltzed.....

Words of colour and paragraphs of images
Blossomed onto the pages of her own stories
She listened through the ages and captured the thoughts in ink
And she waltzed.....

Faded and wrinkled pages of tales left long ago
Can be found in every drawer
Unfinished thoughts and symphonies wrestling with the spaces
And she waltzed.....

The lilac room lies still today as the rains of January pour in
The images captured on film and parchment lay scattered across the old dwelling
She left them as they were
And then she waltzed away.....

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