Thursday, April 13, 2006

When I Was 10

So long ago and yet I remember
I was 10 in 1968...a year of troubling turmoil.....

*Nixon was elected President and his "faithful" sidekick VP was Spiro Agnew

*There were rumors of The Beatles having of their break-up began

*Flower children controlled San Francisco....and 14th Street in Atlanta

*"The Great Speckled Bird" newspaper was the talk of the town in Atlanta

*Martin Luther King was gunned down in Memphis

*Robert Kennnedy was gunned down in LA

*David Crosby and Stephen Stills begin to play guitars together

*Soviet Union forces invade Czechoslovakia

*North Korea seizes the USS Pueblo, claiming the ship was spying

*In Viet Nam, the Tet Offensive begins

*Classical Gas by Mason Williams is released

*Boeing 747 made its maiden flight

*London Bridge sold to Robert McCullough for £1 million

*Helen Keller dies in her sleep in Connecticut

*Saddam Hussein becomes the Vice Chairman of the Revolutionary Council in Iraq after a coup d'├ętat

*US spacecraft Apollo 8 enters orbit around the moon

Seems pretty lame today, doesn't it?

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