Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Twirl to the Ground

It is the ever-present pressure from day-to-day living
What to rember and what to forget

Sometimes I think about those old high school days
A young "adult"...with all the answers
But what were the questions?

We wander aimlessly into true adulthood
And still the unknown questions are followed
By the true unknown answers......

Were do we go from here?

It's an odd feeling, as you meander through "middle age",
And those same ol' questions go unanswered.....
And then you approach the mid-century mark!

I recall the question from the back seat
Of a long car-ride....
"Are we there yet?"

As we twirl to the ground
Wondering if there is an answer
We ponder life.....

And then we understand........

There is now an answer

It is just the journey.........

The journey that does not end......until you finally rest.

Fare Thee Well........

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