Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Change of Season

November rushes out and leaves begin to fall
The lawn is covered with Summer's best...
Reds, yellows, browns and gold....the dying remnants of trees

December sneaks up on you and forces you indoors
From the hot, sweaty days of September....
To the cooling afternoons of October......
And the chilling of November..............
To the fires of winter....................

The wood was stacked months ago in prepartion for the cold
And the fireplace was cleaned of last year's leftover ashes
Thanksgiving passes and football lingers
But the colours of December begin to emerge

Lights begin to shine among the homes
Inside and out
Candles are freed from their many months of storage
And the wreaths of the season emerge

And then the fairies begin to spread their magic over the house
Trinkets of many years of memories arrive and are placed on an indoor tree
Ribbons of red and gold are laid
And festive food fragrances smother the house

Cookies and candies, not seen in those other 11 months
Arrive on the counters and tables
Spices reserved for December are pulled from their shelves
And find their way to the necessities of Christmas

It's Christmas Time in East Tennessee
And its magical hold never fails
It's a Change of Season
And a welcome Change it is

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Janet said...

and the people said Amen