Monday, November 17, 2008

An Injured Baby Deer

I watched a deer family walk slowly across my front yard tonight. And it was sad.

A family of deer (two mothers and two fawns) that my wife and I have enjoyed for the last few months, crossed my path once again.....but this encounter hurt.

One of the fawns had an obvious leg injury. She limped across my front yard as I stood and watched. And the look in her face, as she looked at me in curiosity, saddened me. She almost cried out for help....but what could I do? Her mother and fawn companion, encouraged her to keep walking. They knew I was no danger. While they huddled together in the front yard, I scrambled to get some cracked corn out in the yard. The injured, youngster watched as I spread some feed.

As I walked away, I could see the "Family" gather towards the food......and the healthy ones stood back as the injured young one ate some much needed food.

I don't hold out much hope for this that has been a frequent visitor to my yard. But a needed meal and a shared and loving glance, from me to her, made me feel I had offered some hope for her.

At LEAST she knew that not all humans are bad.

But I STILL hurt for this child....and the mother who will likely lose her child.

And I have to say, my eyes watered as I watched that injured child limp a parent, I couldn't help but to cry........

The injured one looked back at me, as she crossed the street into her next yard, as if to say thanks.....I just nodded, wiped back a tear, and went inside my warm home.

On this cold evening, I hurt for that child......



Lauri said...

You made me cry too.

Janet said...

Crying here too. That's too sad.