Sunday, April 01, 2007


There are days when I just sit and thinking required!

It's Spring in East Tennessee and the colours are as vibrant
As I can remember.....and memories are what make me what I am today......

The rains of spring have begun their march.....
Strong orchestras at times......
And soft percussions at other times........

From my solitary room, I can hear (and see) the softness of the drops,
The solitude of the emptiness of the waters
As they permeate the soils
Surrounding my self-made Gardens of Eden

A creation I claim
But surrender them to what they may become for a lifetime

Small ripples, in the washtub for the birds
Increasing rapidly as the winds rise up
Darkness whirls, as darkness does
And the clouds lower themselves over the Ridge.......

Leaves begin to shake
And the blossoms from the cherry trees
Shower the grounds
With the pink snows of the season....Heaven on Earth!

A darkness strikes deep into the soul of the Earth
Shadows fall to the departing sun for the day
And the falling rains continue.......

Purples and Blues,
And Greens and Reds
Color the landscape
And the intensity of the Greens
Absorb the abyss

It's Spring, again, in East Tennessee

Can Heaven be far behind?

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