Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Can Write a Song....In Half a War!

I Can Write a Song….in Half a War

David Gilbert
April 25, 2009

“War…Hmmmph! What is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING!”

That’s what I remember from my days as a youth during The Viet Nam War……and the fear that I would be called up to serve in a war I did not understand….or support!

Fast forward to the W years….that would be Mr. George W. Bush….I hesitate to call him a President…..more like a demolition manager towards our Constitution…..and recent publications tell me he did more to destroy the Constitution than ANY AMERICAN President…….but he’s from Texas so I digress………..

We NOW have an opportunity to regain our posture in the world……a leader with emotions to work the fields of need, stroke the economies for support and push forward the need for peace!

But why do I feel the “Old Guard” supporters feel the need to a “Call to Arms”……?????? Perhaps they are “threatened that their “God-Protected” country is in jeopardy……in my view, I certainly HOPE SO! Take your right-wing religion out of our normal lives and we can live side by side. Otherwise, you will always have US to contend with! You, and Mr. W have turned OUR constitution into a Hip-Hop song…..”Signifying NOTHING”!

May your FORCE be with you…..I just hope it blows the other way! Your intentions makes my head hurt!


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