Friday, July 25, 2014

The Stranger In The Room

I sit still on my deck listening to the birds sing their sweet songs
These are the sounds of poetry that only nature lovers can understand

There is a quietness and stillness in these old hills today
My outside friends seem to understand what I’m feeling and they offer their support
It is the only way they can……by singing
I believe they know I love music and they work their magic into my soul

I am troubled these days but I, and I alone, chose a bad path years ago
The path I have now chosen to walk down troubles me even more
It is difficult, disturbing, emotional and hard
But I chose this and now I must do the right thing

I am the Stranger in the Room when humans are present
I feel it and sense the others feel it too
I long for the day when I can wake up refreshed
And the past desires no longer trouble me

I am in search of David
If anyone sees him, can you send him my way?
I’d like to change shoes

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