Saturday, May 07, 2005


You'll be quite disappointed if you thought I was going to tackle the current issue in know the one....sort of a God vs. Darwin kind of thing. I piss-off enough people with my liberal views. So, if you were looking for a political debate you came to the wrong spot.

I like to create things in my yard. I enjoy taking a piece of land and totally changing its current state into a living, breathing, ever-changing Mecca of life. In fact, that is exactly what I plan to do today. Believe it or not, it is NOT raining today and there is none predicted! There is a section of my lawn (if you can realistically call that part of my "lawn") that has a slight erosion problem, doesn't get a lot of sunlight and the grass that IS there is spotty at best. By the end of the weekend, provided I'm allowed to work on Mother's Day, I hope to transform this plot of land into a new shade garden. I have the plan laid out in my mind. If the brain cells I have remaining cooperate today, I'll hopefully turn this mental image into a living that breathes life and changes day by day, year by year.

Well, someone has to take care of things while God and Darwin duke it out in court!

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