Monday, March 27, 2006

Things We Say Today That Would Have Been Alien in 1976

I was thinking about language yesterday and decided to compose a list of common phrases today that would have sounded so strange when I graduated from high school in 1976. Here you go........

Shutdown Windows and Reboot.
How much memory do you have?
Hey, gas was only $2.50 a gallon today!
Have you considered outsourcing that line?
I was IMing my friend last night and.......
Scan that in pdf and email it as an attachment.
After you swipe your card, just enter your PIN.
Why don't you try Googling it?
You can double your miles if you stay over to Saturday.
My IPOD isn't fully charged.
I did wireless at Starbucks.
Did you read his Blog yesterday?
Haven't you checked your email today?
I'll bet WalMart has it cheaper.
I wonder if Homeland Security is on top of that?
Can you burn me a copy of that?
I sent it by PayPal!
I beat Spider 5 times yesterday!
Would you like that Biggie-Sized?
Viagra would help that "little" problem.......
Are you "practicing" safe-sex?
Just download it from Napster.
Run, OJ, Run....(ok, that one actually made sense in '76).
Dude, you gotta Dell.
What's your cell number?
Can you set us up on conference call?
FEMA blew it!
Just hit Ctrl-Alt-Del...but only once.
Man, I'm covered up in Spam!
Time for a power lunch.
I'll have a Sam Adams.
Did you do prenups?
I pinged him but he wasn't in.
Are your virus definitions up-to-date?
Just send her a text message.

And so it goes.........

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Janet said...

thanks for that Spam imagery

HEre are a couple of others:

Have you heard his latest CD?

How many extras on tha DVD?