Monday, March 20, 2006

When the Rain Falls Cold

Winter slowly recedes into Spring
With rains that chill the soul
Fires still burn in the old, rock hearth
Steam still collects inside on the window sills

Buds of colour emerge from winter's grip
Softly, they explode into rainbows
Silently brushing the canvas
And perfuming the cool, night air

Fingers of ice collect on the green leaves
And melt into the decaying leaves
They fall into the warmth of the earth
And are not seen again

Teams of goldfinch huddle around the feeder
Taking in the last of the free meals
Cardinals show their new fashion
And the humming birds stare into the glass

Birdbaths overflow into the hostas
Redbuds turn lavender
Buttercups pop up
And the Lenten Rose bows down to her children

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