Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Walden's Pond Scum

Interesting title, huh? We were driving home from our favorite Mexican restaurant last night and I announced that I wanted to be Walden's Pond Scum. My announcement was received warmly, if laughter is any indication. During the course of the drive to and from dinner, the topic of conversation centered on the so-called Christian, Pat Robertson, and his announcement to the world that the Venezuelan Leader, Chavez, should be assassinated. Pat, you don't speak for me or represent my views in ANY form or fashion.....go away.

I have struggled with Christianity for most of my adult life. The main reason for my decision to jump head first into the faith topic is the bad name that a small few have given to the movement. My first run-in with a fundamentalist Christian (you guessed it-Southern Baptist-those folks really tick me off) was a Sunday School teacher I had in Lithonia, Georgia. I was probably 17 years old. And the Doobie Brothers were coming to town. For you older folks, the Doobies were a pretty talented band that didn't write the "kill yo mama" kind of songs you hear today. Their lyrics were inspiring and the blend of accoustic and electric guitars was impressive. Here's where it gets tricky. They were scheduled to play on a Sunday night. To complicate the issue, there was a youth group coming to our church from North Carolina to also play music. I was asked by my Sunday School teacher if I would be coming to see the youth group perform. I responded that I already had other plans and didn't see any reason to cancel them. He asked what could be more important than hearing youthful Christian music. I informed him that the Doobie Brothers, in my opinion, were more important than the NC group and I had actually paid for my tickets. In fact, I had camped out just to get the tickets. He told me that was a childish thing to do and that people who go to rock concerts were going to hell. I responded with the first thing that came into my head...."I'll see you in hell!"

These days it seems the only view being heard is that of the extremist....not only Christians but extremists from all religions and beliefs. And it is those few that are causing the growing hatred in this world. I consider myself a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. Not a good mix in today's society and I am therefore labeled as a liberal. OK...I can handle that. But what I will no longer accept or remain quiet about is having someone wave their Bible in my face and tell me "this is the only thing you need to rely on.....and let me interpret what is says so you don't even have to think about it.....I'll do the thinking for you." Well bite my ass! I don't need someone thinking for me. I am perfectly capable of thinking. And I also have a voice, so you don't have to speak for me. I have heard people I know say that the only people who are being heard these days are the liberals, the gays and those who don't fall in line with their ultra-conservative views. HELLO! What paper are you reading and what kind of people are being elected to represent us in government? Well, it's not the liberals, the gays or those that don't fall in line with ultra-conservatism. For those who believe as I do, it is time that our voice is heard too.

Just to set the record straight, here are a few things I believe....this should really rattle some cages, but it doesn't really matter to me. They are my views and you can like them or ignore them. I can take it......... can you?

  • I believe the war in Iraq has failed. It's time to bring the troops home.
  • I don't believe that politics and religion is a good mix. Leave your Bible outside of Congress and leave your political party membership card outside of the church.
  • I am not convinced that everything I need to know is in the Bible. Heck, that book has been translated so many times and translated to fit the needs of the society that rewrote it. Who really knows what the original words were when they were first written?
  • I have no attachment to the Confederate flag or what it represents today. For those who wave it in the name of hatred, you really should take another course in the Civil War in America to see what the TRUE reason for going to war was in the first place.
  • I believe it is a woman's right to choose birth or abortion. I do NOT believe abortion should be used as a form of birth control. Think wisely before you crawl into bed with someone. You have options.
  • I believe marriage is a commitment between two loving people.
  • I don't believe marriage should be viewed as deposit, no return type thinking. The things you want in life are not have to work it to make it work.
  • I believe in the 10 Commandments.....not a bad list of rules and they are rules that can work in any society. Very basic and very worthy.
  • I believe there is more than one religion in the world and there should be mutual respect between the religions.
  • I believe there is life beyond our little planet....and they're laughing at us daily.
  • I believe in evolution and not the newly tagged "Inspired Intelligence".
  • I don't believe a virgin can give birth unless she visited a sperm bank 9 months ago and made a withdrawal.
  • On the topic of God.......I'm still struggling with that one.


Janet said...

I tend to refer to myself as a fundamentalist Christian school survivor. So in that vein, Amen, brother!

carly said...

Wow, I'd say I believe with almost all of that! I definately believe in God and have trouble believing he (or she) doesn't exist. But I am also an evolutionist and feel that God is known by many names (Allah, Jehovah, etc.). I am a big believer in the seperation of church and state, that's why our country was founded so let's not betray what the forefathers fought for. So, all in all-well said Dad.

Friend of His said...

I won't be seeing you in hell. Life is about choices. We all have to live with the ones we make. I choose Jesus. I can only testify on what He and his teachings have done in my life.If I am wrong, what have I lost? But if I am right...Oh how wonderful...
and yes, it is time to bring the boys home. I would have chossen the Doobie brothers also.