Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Busy With The Boy

I've spent the last couple of days helping Boy, my cat, put his thoughts together for his newly developed Blog page (his link is to the left of this page and called Shadow Boy). He's pretty excited about getting his stories on the internet. He's a wise ol' cat and usually has an interesting interpretation on everything we humans do.

He was a little down yesterday because of the weather. He prefers cooler weather and I'm afraid he'll be down for another few months. It looks like this hot weather is here to stay for a while. So while he is indoors, enjoying the air conditioned rooms, he's thinking. Boy is quite a philosopher and has an opinion on everything. Our early mornings together start my day off with a different perspective on life. I've come to rely on Boy for advice and guidance. You might learn something from him as well. That is, however, if you can tolerate his constant questioning. He just doesn't understand humans........neither do I!

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