Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm Gonna Build an Ark

I've been reading the flood story in Genesis and I think I've got it right. I have also revisited Bill Cosby's version of the conversation between Noah and God. All those cubics jive, so I think it's time to begin the construction project.

Since I moved to the Eastern Hills over 5 years ago, it has rained. And not just a little rain....I mean "Buckets of Rain", as Bob Dylan sang (probably wrote the song while standing next to Noah on-deck.....he is old, you know. For those anal-Dylan-freaks, that is found on "Blood on the Tracks", Track 10, issued 1974.

My God, it rains a bunch here! Take yesterday and then what's happening today. Yesterday, a storm sneaks in and dumps 3/4" in just under 45 minutes. Today it's even more....1.5" in the same time frame, and (you guessed it)'s still friggin' raining (if you've read all my postings this comes from the first's a should scroll WAY down if you haven't).

Now I like rain as much as anyone (probably more), but GEEZ! I've got green tomatoes that have been green since JUNE! It takes that orange ball during the day to turn them the appropriate colore for eating. Unless, of course, you like fried green tomatoes (mixed with should try it sometime). But I digress. I always digress. My life is a digression. But I digress....where the hell was I anyway?

Oh yea, RAIN! If I could remember all my Greek Gods and Godesses, I'd call on one of them (the right one, of course) to ask for a reprieve. Then again, I live close enough to the Cherokee Nation and maybe, just maybe, they need the rain and are dancing up a storm over there. Knock it off, guys! We believe your dance works!


Friend of His said...

Glad to here you have been reading the Bible. It's a great place to start. Rain washes away alot of junk. The sunshine will come when the junk is all gone.

Lone Ranger said...

If you do a google search for noah ark blueprints, you'll find that a single joke is spread all over the Internet.