Monday, July 04, 2005

Perceptions in a Fog

I woke up this morning to a thick fog covering the ridge. We often have this after days of heavy rain. This lonely mist has a way of distorting everything around you. I walked along my gardens, taking in the images of things I saw yesterday and how they had suddenly changed. I know there was no actual change but the fog somehow altered their true state of being. Plants that were so green yesterday are now closed in a gray, flannel sheet and longing for that great, orange ball of life to bring them back into this world. It is a haunting and yet somewhat soothing feeling to walk in the mist and feel its dampness in the early morning hours.

The best thing about walking in a fog is knowing there will come a time when you emerge from its cover and can once again see the light. You only have to watch......and wait.

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