Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Taking on the Heat

Remember rain? I certainly do....and I remember saying I liked rain but we needed a break. Well, a break we got! Lately we have had highs in the upper 90s and humidity levels around the same number. The two combined gives us heat indices of over 100 degrees. We have certainly felt it. Over the past week it has been painful just to walk outdoors. Going from an air-conditioned home to the outdoors is exhausting at best. You can feel your lungs react and expand to the hot air you're breathing in....and it's a thick, hot air.

Although we had an overabundance of rain prior to this heat wave, my plants are beginning to show signs of distress. I've been watering them in the evenings, but I'm sure most of that is evaporating. It's tough to watch all these wither up, in an attempt to overcome the heat.

But there is some glimmer of hope.....and mild cold front is expected in over the next day or so and the chance of rain increases daily. Bring it on!

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