Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Jobs I Want to Perform

Top 10 Jobs I'd Like to Perform Before I Retire
(And then I'll be a Wal Mart Greeter)
  1. Painting Gecko toenails
  2. The person who mixes in weed seeds with grass seeds
  3. The person who types the wattage on lightbulbs
  4. The person who wraps plastic thingies around aspirin bottles so you can't get in them
  5. The guy that comes around houses during the night to steal one sock out of the dryer
  6. Universal Remote Repairman
  7. Aluminum Can Stomper at the Recycling Center
  8. The man who turns the traffic light to red when you drive up
  9. Feline impersonator
  10. The guy that puts all those pins in new shirts

1 comment:

Friend of His said...

Do Geckos have toenails?